Demo Day 2024: StartUp Academy Accelerator 30.03.2024
This day will be remembered as a historical moment for the startup ecosystem of Turkmenistan! On March 30, 2024, we proudly celebrated the successful completion of the first acceleration program - “Demo Day 2024”! On this significant day, residents of the business accelerator summed up their two-month path to success.
Meet the winner of the competition - “Biar Delivery”! “Biar Delivery” is a food showcase in Ashgabat. It was an incredible experience and showed how important Biar Delivery is for the future. Meet the future of delivery with Biar Delivery! Thanks to all startups for their work and desire to succeed. Let this day become the starting point for new achievements and bright victories!
Workshop "How to attract investments? Numbers that investors will believe in" 05.03.2024
“How to attract investment?!” - a question that people stopped asking after a workshop with an international expert. The leading tracker of MOST BI, Andrey Kryukov, who has been working with startups for more than 10 years, acted as an international expert! Metrics, visual examples, answers to questions from participants - Andrey shared all this during the workshop.
For the first time ever in Turkmenistan! Launch of business accelerator "STARTUP ACADEMY ACCELERATOR"  27.01.2024
Introducing our residents:
1.Biar Delivery (Instagram @biar_delivery) is a food delivery service where every order is a new level of convenience. - building materials platform

3.Sanly Satyş (Instagram @sanly_satys_startup)- digitization service for stores, cafes and restaurants. 

4.Elektronika TM (Instagram - online store of household appliances. 

5.ProdigyKids - audio fairy tales in English with 3D animation.
Intense months of creativity, hard work and development await us.

Follow our updates, inspiring success stories await you!

Coffee Cups Evening 21.12.2023 
On December 21, 2023, we held Coffee Cups Evening dedicated to the topic "Market Research and Growth Strategies for IT Products. Global Experiences." 

The event brought together representatives and founders of IT startups to discuss current issues related to the market for startups and their growth strategies. 

During the evening, the participants discussed various aspects of IT product development, shared their experiences and developments. 

The event allowed participants to exchange valuable knowledge and experience, as well as establish new contacts in the industry.
Evenings with International Experts  
On November 30 and December 8, 2023 we had two incredible evenings with international experts! 

First meeting: Evening Meetup with international expert Egor Klopenko 
Together with Egor we immersed ourselves in the world of global markets and learned how to bring an IT product to the markets of MENA countries.

Second meeting: Invest Evening with international expert Asel Tasbulatova, representative of AIFC (Astana International Financial Centre).

Asel shared invaluable knowledge about successful global investments to scale an IT product! 

We were glad to see among the participants representatives of:

• eBazar
• Post Shop TM 
And many others!

We are grateful to all for participation!

We develop the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Universities of Turkmenistan!
Startup Academy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen-Indian Center, held a series of seminars “Development of startups in universities of Turkmenistan”. We shared key knowledge about startups: from their creation to successful development. The workshops, which took place in October, November and December, were conducted in an interactive manner, where participants in small groups were able to actively interact and exchange ideas. Our goal is to inspire young people to go from idea to launching their startup.
25.11.2023 Ashgabat Demo Day-2023 Ninth stream of the incubation program from "StartUp Academy"!
On November 25, 2023, in the hall of the Cultural and Business Center of the Oil and Gas Sector, nine amazing startup projects presented their innovative ideas and products! Open to all event, wide stage, wide audience! Greetings and words of support from representatives of the Business Angels Club, and, of course, exciting presentations of nine startup projects - every moment became part of our innovative Celebration.
Competition winners:
1st place: "Onix" (online service for ordering custom sneakers)
2nd place: "Crescendo" (music and educational studio for children)
3rd place:"Döret" (online service for ordering custom T-shirts)
Thanks to our sponsors: “Arçalyk”, “Awtoýoly”, “Daluw”, “KEH”, “Ynamdar”, “Diwart”, "Tizlik", media sponsor “Orient” and volunteers of IUHD.
15.10.2023 Start of the ninth stream of the StartUp Academy incubation program
The business incubator has been launched!

Together with the participants we plunged into the world of ideas, startups and innovative projects. Along with already at the first training we saw a huge potential in each of them!

In addition to this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. We can't wait to see what amazing startups will launch as a result of our work!

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23.09.2023 "Mini Ideathon Fall-2023"
On September 23, 2023, the "Mini Ideathon Fall-2023" was held. This event was full of energy and ideas, attracting active participants and creating a team spirit.

"Mini Ideaton Fall-2023" was organized to attract participants from different backgrounds and with different skills. All of them were united by a common goal - to create innovative ideas that can change the world.

However, the most valuable thing about Mini Ideathon Fall-2023 was that the participants not only created projects, but also found new friends and like-minded people. The interaction and exchange of ideas stimulated the growth and development of each participant.

"Mini Ideathon Fall-2023" was a vivid example of how active and creative people can create something bigger together. The event filled the participants with enthusiasm and inspiration, showing that ideas can change the world if given the opportunity to grow and develop.

Thank you to our partner @ish_nokady_
16.09.2023 Seminar "How to Monetize Your Website or Mobile App"
We held a workshop where we broke down the intricacies of monetizing web projects, and how to maximize revenue from mobile apps.

Thanks to active participants, sharing ideas and knowledge, the workshop proved to be a real source of inspiration!

Thank you to everyone who joined, asked questions and contributed!
14.05.2023 "Demo Day" of the eighth stream of the StartUp Academy incubation program
YAY! We did it! On May 14, 2023, in the hall of the Cultural and Business Center of the oil and gas sector, the following event took place
Celebration of innovative entrepreneurship - Demo Day of the Eighth Incubation Program
Startup Academy by MCT Agency.
We tested a new format - a big stage, an event open to all comers, when we invited various guests from students to businessmen to participate in the celebration - more than 150 spectators in total.
And we did it!
Greetings from partners, a representative of the Business Angels Club, and, of course, exciting competition performances of six teams of incubation program graduates, cheered on by the Startup Academy coaching staff and the Startup Club (which includes graduates of previous programs) - these were the parts of our Celebration.
The winners of the competition were:
1. First Place: "Flower Boom" (an online flower ordering platform)
2. Second place: "Fre-work" (online platform to earn extra income)
3. Third place: "Sanly satyş" (service of "digitization" of store goods and their placement in marketplaces).
Thanks to our sponsors: "Arçalyk", "Awtoýoly", "Daluw", "KEH", media sponsor "Salam News", partner "Technology Center" of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and volunteers of the "Business Club" of IUHD.
13.04.2023 “Venture Capital Forum-2023”
The United States Agency for International Development (@usaid_fgi) in partnership with Rysgal Joint Stock Commercial Bank held a conference on venture capital investment.
Daniel Maykovsky as a representative of the business incubator "StartUp Academy" ( spoke about the situation of the startup ecosystem in Turkmenistan at this time and the prospects for development. Also, together with the founders of international venture funds from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Singapore, they discussed the development of the startup ecosystem and venture financing institutions in Turkmenistan.
The forum was attended by residents of the Business Angels Club of Turkmenistan, representatives of financial institutions, IT companies, higher education institutions, state regulatory bodies and other stakeholders of the startup ecosystem.
01.04.2023 Start of the eighth stream of the StartUp Academy incubation program
The business incubator has started its work. New startup founders, new ideas, new emotions.
Already at the first training they learned a lot of useful and interesting information that is necessary for the realization of their ideas and became one step closer to their dreams.
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17.03.2023 "Ideaton-2023"
It is a cool intensive on search and processing of business ideas. In a short time participants learned how and where to look for ideas, how to work with them properly, some participants found like-minded people and formed cool teams.
There was a special atmosphere - fullness, involvement, team spirit, energized and high efficiency.
Thank you to our partner @ish_nokady_

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