«I don't have an idea, but I want to launch my startup. What to do?» 

Ideathon-2024 is the place where ideas are born.  

From batch to batch, we host Ideathon before the incubation program starts.
We have conducted already: 9 batches = 9 Ideathons. No one has left without an idea yet! 

If you want to find an idea for a startup, we invite you to participate in Ideathon-2024! 

When? April 4 at 18:30. 
Participation is free. 

To participate, please register 


Those, who participate in Ideathon 2024, will get a discount on participation in the Incubation Program! 

See you at Ideathon-2024!

Webinar “E-commerce & E-business: How to start”
How and exactly where to start an e-commerce business? 

Creating a website and/or an app is not enough. 

To successfully start an e-commerce business, there are many other aspects to consider: marketing strategies, product selection, logistics optimization, and many other... 

At our FREE WEBINAR on March 19 at 19:00 international certified consultant Daniil Maykovskiy will tell you exactly how to start and how to make your e-commerce business successful and profitable. 

Leave an application and start your way to success in e-commerce!

If you have additional questions:

Applications are open: Tenth stream of the incubation program
The day you've been waiting for... ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE INCUBATION PROGRAM IS OPEN! Have an idea, but don't know how to bring it to life? How to launch your startup? StartUp Academy is here to help you go from idea to launching your startup! Hurry up to submit your application before MARCH 20 and receive a 20% discount on participation in the business incubator! We will make your startup dreams come true! If you have additional questions: +99361130929
Workshop "How to attract investments? Numbers that investors will believe in" 05.03.2024
Tired of receiving endless rejections from investors? The project is full of potential, but financial support seems like a distant dream... When looking for investment, startups face uncertainty, high investor demands and a constant struggle for the survival of their startup project. How to attract investment? On March 5 at 19:00 Andrey Kryukov will tell you what numbers and metrics arouse the interest and trust of investors. Andrey Kryukov is an international expert with extensive experience: in launching a startup and attracting investments, in starting a business, more than 5 years of experience working with startups of varying maturity. Submit a request for a workshop and find an approach to investment! Limited number of seats! See you at the workshop!
Workshop “How to create the best IT products?”
Are you ready to enter the world of creating the coolest IT products? Then this Workshop is just for you! On March 9 at 9:00 (Saturday), we meet at the Workshop with Eleonora Kusembayeva, a certified SCRUM expert, and a representative of the leading business accelerator in Central Asia “MOST BI”! (Instagram @most_business_intelligence) At the Workshop you will learn how to apply flexible project management methodologies such as AGILE and SCRUM. Hurry up to apply, as the number of places is limited! Applications are accepted until March 4, 18:00! Upgrade your skills and become the best in your field!
What strategies should you use to successfully grow a website or mobile application?
On December 21, at 19:00 we invite you to Coffee Cups Evening “Market research and growth strategies for IT products. World experience! StartUp Academy has been operating for more than three years! During this time, we have established partnerships with colleagues from different countries of the world, such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Dubai (UAE). Thanks to cooperation with colleagues from other countries, we have access to global experience. On December 21, at Coffee Cups evening, over a cup of coffee, we will share with you our global experience: market research and growth strategies for your IT product! The event is free. But the number of places is limited. So don't forget to register in advance! Don't miss the chance to improve your IT product! If you have additional questions: +99361130929
Where and how to find money to scale a mobile app or website?
In the Invest Evening with an international expert - a representative of the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) you will learn how global investments work! 

Date: December 8, 2023 
Time: 19:00 

Places are limited! Hurry up to register!  

Don't miss the chance to learn all the secrets of global investments!

If you have additional questions: +99361130929
How to bring your IT product to global markets?
Find out the secrets of successfully bringing your startup to the global market at our Evening Meetup with international expert - Egor Klopenko! Date: November 30, 2023 (Thursday) Time: 19:00 Egor is the Organizer of the international venture company ITLEADERS and the consulting company ARAB.PARTNERS! Egor will share valuable tips and knowledge that will help your mobile application or website go beyond the local market. Registration is already open, don't miss your chance! Limited number of seats! If you have additional questions: +99361130929
25.11.2023 Ashgabat Demo Day of the ninth stream of the incubation program
Demo Day — это конкурс стартап-проектов — выпускников Программы инкубации.

Demo Day StartUp Academy является признанным праздником инновационного предпринимательства в Туркменистане!

Присоединяйтесь к нашему мероприятию и станьте первыми свидетелями инновационных стартапов Туркменистана!
The ninth stream of the incubation program
Applications for the ninth stream of the Startup Academy incubation program are still being accepted until October 10, 2023 6:00 pm!

In the new stream you will be expected to attend:
  • Intensive trainings on Sundays in two languages: Turkmen and Russian,
  • Experienced trainers and industry experts,
  • Individual consultations,
  • Opportunity to speak in front of investors,
  • And, most importantly, to lead your startup to success!

Dreaming of your own successful startup?

Hurry up to apply for the ninth stream of the incubation program!

With us, you will go from idea to startup!

If you have additional questions:

Ideathon Fall-2023
On September 23, 2023, Startup Academy and Ish Nokady are proud to present Ideathon Fall-2023, an event dedicated to ideas, innovation, and making it happen.

Date: September 23, 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 18:30
Place: Berkarar BC, 1st floor, Ish Nokady office

Ideaton is the place where your idea can become a reality. We have created a unique environment for you where you can:

  • Share your idea and get feedback from experts and like-minded people,
  • Find partners and a team to realize your projects,
  • Get support to develop and grow your startup.

Whether you already have a mature concept or just a nascent idea, Ideaton is the place where everyone can find their way to success!

How to monetize your website or mobile app
Want to know how to turn your website or mobile app into a whole money machine? Imagine your project becoming a source of constant income that brings you money. We know how to do it, and we are ready to share the secrets of successful monetization.

We invite you to the seminar "How to monetize your website or mobile application", which will be held on September 16 at 18:30, in Ashgabat.

We will tell you about the most effective methods and strategies to make every visitor or user of your project bring you profit.

Do not miss the chance to learn how to maximize profit from your project - leave a request for participation

We are sure that this knowledge will be of great use to you!

Contacts for more information:
+993 61130929

Attention, startup founders!

Do you have an awesome startup project? Would you like to share it? Then this is your chance! We are happy to announce that we are starting to accept applications for our open mic for startup founders!

This is a unique opportunity to present your idea in front of investors, receive investment and valuable feedback.

Our requirements for startup participants:
- IT-related project;
- MVP stage and above;
- scalable business model.  

How to apply:
 • To participate, apply
 • We will contact you.

Don't miss the chance to share your passion, get feedback, and possibly start a path to success!

Contacts for more information:
+993 61130929 

The ninth stream of the incubation program
Applications are open for the ninth stream of the Startup Academy incubation program!

On the new stream you can expect:
  • Intensive trainings on Sundays,
  • Experienced trainers and industry experts,
  • Individual consultations,
  • Opportunity to speak in front of investors,
  • And, most importantly, to lead your startup to success!

Do you have a unique idea? Want to launch your startup?

Apply for the ninth stream of the incubation program.

With us you will go from idea to launch!

Business Angels School 2023
The Business Angels School is a program consisting of a series of trainings and workshops through which you can unlock your potential and become a true expert in investment and entrepreneurship.

We aim to:
  • Facilitating the development of startups and innovative projects
  • Expanding the community of business angels ready to support promising projects
  • Searching for and identifying new investment opportunities
Join us at the Business Angels School 2023 and discover the exciting world of investment, entrepreneurship and success!

10.06.2023 Deadline for applications for the first accelerator program
Turkmenistan will host its first accelerator program. The program is designed for launched startups that want to scale. During three months experienced mentors and trackers will work with your team. At the end, you will have the opportunity to present your startup in front of business angels and receive investment.

The selection process is divided into three stages:
1) Filling out the online form
2) Pitch Deck evaluation of the startup presentation
3) Interview with StartUp Academy funders.

Контакты: +99362636704/+99361130929
14.05.2023 Demo Day of the eighth stream of the incubation program
Demo Day is a competition of startup projects - graduates of the Business Incubation Program. Demo Day StartUp Academy is a recognized celebration of innovative entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan!

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